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I facilitate inclusive, accessible workshops on various elements of theatre making. For example, collaboration, ensemble building, idea generation and development, devising techniques, directing and script analysis. 

Some of the companies I've facilitated for are Tamasha, Young Coneys, Routes and National Theatre. I run workshops for professionals and non-professionals, students and teachers.

There is a big piece of white paper on a black floor. On the piece of paper there is writing in loads of different coloured pens, the word consent is written in a circle in the middle of the paper. There are yellow and pink post it notes with writing on, around the paper.
A black woman stands smiling, she is wearing a black and white short sleeved shirt and black trousers with black shoes.
A big piece of white paper on the floor with  consent written in the middle with a circle around it. A group of women are writing on the paper, making a spider diagram.
A group of women of different races stand in a circle, laughing. They are in the middle of playing a drama game.

@Bettina Adela Photography

"Directing with Brigitte! She ran a really good session which left me very inspired with loads of ideas for directing. It was so interesting to question the script, especially as we worked out answers together. Talking about how we would implement our ideas as a director was also interesting and helped me understand directing more."

Student Participant, artsdepot

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