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"Director Brigitte Adela gives her cast the space to own their character’s stories, and I really enjoyed the way she set up the tone of each new scene through the deceptively simple mechanic of on-stage costume changes. This play is infused with humour and pain, making it all the more human and relatable."

(Stephanie Ressort on 'Wakes' 2020  -

"Director Brigitte Adela embodies the collaborative spirit when working through The Petal & The Orchid by Gabrielle Curtis and Clare Langford. This shines through even in the short time I sit in on some character development with actors Lydia Bakelmun and Marilii Saar – the three are working through the complex characters together. The play is about two strong and complex female characters – Brigitte devotes the time that the characters deserve to understand their backstories.

All this preparation for just a 15-minute play? Absolutely. The works demand no less respect and attention."

(Danial Perks writing for Miro Magazine following a visit into the rehearsal room for 'The Petal and the Orchid' 2018 -


"Director Brigitte Adela deftly approaches the issue through a comprehensive exploration in her rehearsal process. This is one of the most impactful shows of the evening, and the work put in behind the scenes shines through in all elements of the final performance."

(Danial Perks writing for Miro Magazine. On 'The Petal and the Orchid' 2018 -

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