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Ardel, Joan and Iona – three strangers on the hunt for something different – meet at arrivals before the 2349 mile journey to…nope, can’t say it…well, you know…ugh fine…TO FIND THEMSELVES.

To take an extended look on the bright side, to appreciate the little pockets of sunshine in the rain, and to chase their joy…whatever that is. Running head first into the new and unexpected, they discover that sometimes you need to go the distance to find what was there all along. If you only knew to look…

Co-created by Soho Six’s Safaa Benson-Effiom (Til Death Do Us Part, Theatre 503) and Brigitte Adela (Wakes, The Bunker), The Pursuit of Joy uses movement and music to weave a colourful tapestry of mistakes, mischief and milestones after 30.

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